Juiced docs

Pardon our dust

These docs are still in the early stages of development and may contain errors and typos. As we are refining these docs, the best way to see how Juiced works is to inspect the HTML.

Installing Juiced

Juiced can be downloaded directly from the Github repository or with Bower using: bower install juiced. For more details and advanced customizations options view the README.

Using Juiced

You can use Juiced by including the minified /dist/css/juiced.css file in the head section of your webpage. By default, this will use the Juiced default colors. If you wish to make changes to the default colors see the Advanced Usage in the README.

Code Samples

We provide some code samples throughout the Docs but they do not always match the visual example shown as code may be edited for brevity. So copy-pasting is great - but what you see may not be an exact match to our examples.

How to read the docs

Anything in monospace denotes a particular class or noteworthy piece of information. Most of the docs are written using <samp></samp> to indicate Juiced code.

Brackets [] and pipes | refer to multiple options within a selection, so if you see: .col-[auto|1-12] that means that .col-auto, or .col-1, or .col-2, or .col-3 all the way through .col-12 are valid options. Note: 1-12 is inclusive, so both 1 and 12 are valid options.

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